Sarah Jones artist

1960  Born Sarah Cutts in the Forest of Dean to artists Jo and Mike Cutts

1963  My little brother Matthew Cutts popped out

1977  Off to Camberwell School of Arts to study print making

1980 – 89  Ran away and joined my best friends to be part of Cardiacs – playing saxophone squeakily for nine years on lots of albums and things

1983  Married Tim Smith the main mouse behind Cardiacs

1992  Played and recorded with Bill Drake and Tim Smith in my favourite band “The Sea Nymphs”

1993 – 97  Studied Homeopathy at London School of Homoeopathy

1997  Qualified as Homoeopath and set up practice in Kingston Upon Thames, SURREY

1999  Moved to Malvern as homoeopath and PA to Jeremy Sherr and Dynamis post grad school of homoeopathy

2002  Married Andy Jones and became Sarah Jones

2003  Opened shop and homoeopathic clinic “Platos Tree” – specialising in homoepathy at birth and beyond

2004  Returned to art and music and started teaching batik workshops in primary schools

2008  Formed company eekbatik with Marie-Therese King running batik workshops  in schools and selling fine art prints and cards of original batik work

2009  Started to exhibit own batik paintings at Worcestershire Guild shows and opened gallery at The Fold

2010  Recorded my own compositions for piano, sax and vocal which one day I’ll dare share

2011 – 2013  Studied astrology with John Wadsworth at Kairos Astrology

Currently  Working on batik images inspired by buddhist ideas and texts and exhibiting new work